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  1. SEMADiM
    20 January 2023 15:59

    Congratulations Eimi Fukada for surpassing 1 million YouTube subscribers!! there is a challenge for av actors if they can satisfy them they will get 1 million yen, then the income is 1 million JPY = 105,725.060.50 IDR

  2. Mike
    20 January 2023 15:59

    in the top slot two days in a row?
    But who will be idol of the month. Girl of the month still shows as: . But she’s been the queen two months in a row already. . .And I forgot, if earlier too. . .
    Oh well. Been there, seen those implants. One mans’ food is another man’s. . .

  3. HabibRiziq
    20 January 2023 16:00

    Menurut sejarah nge-lonte adalah pekerjaan yang paling tua yang pernah ada :”v
    Berawal dari kurang tercukupinya kebutuhan harian, membuat mereka terdorong melakukan ngewe haram :”v

  4. mindblown
    20 January 2023 16:01

    Easy. She does porn because she’s a true slut. Definitely my type of gal.

  5. softball
    20 January 2023 16:01

    IF going from PornMedia > SocMedia = Upgrade
    IF going SocMedia > PornMedia = Downgrade
    Eimi I Love you~ ^^

  6. Dann
    20 January 2023 16:02

    And she has her own protein too and clothing brand if i’m not wrong. Eimi and Yua don’t need to do porn at this point, we are lucky we still have them.